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My name is Jesse Sallak and I’m the owner/agent behind DUILifeInsurance .com. I or one of my team members will contact you shortly to discuss your case.

Big Brothers Big Sisters 2014I’ve been there before, back when I was younger and even dumber, I unfortunately received a DUI while out on spring break. I was 21 at the time and just finishing up college. Now with a wife, 2 children, and many more responsibilities I carry over a million dollars of coverage on myself, just in case. While shopping my own case, my options ranged from rated, declined, over $100/month, and all the way down to $26.25 per month at the best possible health rating with only 1 carrier. Of course the decision was easy at that point, but it took numerous emails, phone calls, and digging to come to that decision. With fingers crossed, I applied and was later approved exactly as applied for. 

$1,000,000 of term coverage at only $26.25 a month!

To my benefit, I no longer consume alcohol and haven’t for some time now. As a non-smoker/non-tobacco user, I was able to secure Non-Tobacco/Non-Smoker rates which kept my rates down. Other positives include “lifestyle credits”, such as completing a couple marathons, half-marathons, Ironman 70.3’s, and long distance road cycling events. I also have years of volunteering and a few other miscellaneous qualities that may have helped me secure the best possible health class when I applied.

Each case will be different but each case will be treated as if it were my own!

For an immediate quote during business hours, you may reach me directly at 1 (844) LIFE-844 / 1-844-543-3844.

We work with folks all across the country, just like yourself, to help them secure the best possible life insurance rates. We’re independent agents and we work for you, NOT an insurance company! The information you have provided is a great start, but we’ll need to ask a few more questions in order to give you the most accurate rates possible. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you very soon!

Jesse S. Sallak